The new way to design for change

Join forces with your vendors and partners to maintain your ICT landscape in the cloud. Reduce the pain of change and improve the success of big change programs.    


Architecture Modelling as a Service

StrataMap securely hosts and manages your ICT Architecture in the cloud. 

Maintain the content online or by using any industry standard ArchiMate modelling tool. Your model is indexed, backed-up and maintain under strict version control.


Keep Everyone in Sync

Enable vendors and partners to search and update your designs online. 

Integrate the model to your change process to keep the model update. Build on the collective ICT design knowledge across vendors, partners and agencies.

Connect to the tools you love

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StrataMap supports Single Sign On using third-party security providers such as OKTA.

This enables support to use your own organisation's access and identity management systems, centralising user access, improves user provisioning and improves security. 

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Maintain your ArchiMate model using the Open Source ArchiMate Tool.

StrataMap supports Archi version 3+ using a custom StrataMap plugin to allow users to synchronise the model with other users securely. 

EA Sparx is the most widely used modelling tool used in the public sector.

EA Sparx version 13+ is supported, allowing you to publish to the cloud and synchronise models with other users securely.